Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Curing My Desperate Heart

hiya.. meet me again pals!
lately i'm busy with blogwalking.. downloading printable freebies.. blogwalking again.. and updating my pinterest pins on feel free to follow me!

i was sooooo sad yesterday... in my 33rd week of pregnancy i'm afraid i can't bear my 3rd baby pervaginal and have to have sectio caesar surgery.. because i'm having placenta previa
i've been trying to do more walking, attending pregnancy exercixe class, praying more.. but in vain. the placenta is still stuck below.

so to brighten my dull day.. i make something from some things i already have in my sewing box. i'll let you have a peek at them.. hihihi

can you guess what i'll make from those stuffs? kindly tell me your guess cos i have something special made only for you if you hit the right answer. okay? so squeeze your brain plisssss.. :)
see you next time!

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