Minggu, 15 Mei 2016


It's been a veeeery looong time since last time i made a post. And i gladly inform that my third child has been born safe n healthy. It's kind of surprise for me. And now he's a 4-years-old curious little boy..always active..can't sit still :p

And it's been a long time too since i made a handicraft. My last item is a simple brooch..but i love to wear it coz it's so very me
Enough for tonight. Gotta have some sleep to anticipate the freaky Monday :)

Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Curing My Desperate Heart

hiya.. meet me again pals!
lately i'm busy with blogwalking.. downloading printable freebies.. blogwalking again.. and updating my pinterest pins on http://pinterest.com/ummunada.. feel free to follow me!

i was sooooo sad yesterday... in my 33rd week of pregnancy i'm afraid i can't bear my 3rd baby pervaginal and have to have sectio caesar surgery.. because i'm having placenta previa
i've been trying to do more walking, attending pregnancy exercixe class, praying more.. but in vain. the placenta is still stuck below.

so to brighten my dull day.. i make something from some things i already have in my sewing box. i'll let you have a peek at them.. hihihi

can you guess what i'll make from those stuffs? kindly tell me your guess cos i have something special made only for you if you hit the right answer. okay? so squeeze your brain plisssss.. :)
see you next time!

Ummu nada

Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

my sewing-box bag

this is my first bag..

it's rather difficult to hand-sew it. as usual i made it from cotton polkadot fabric (for outside), gingham fabric (for inside), fabric button, rubber cord, cotton lace, and dacron for filling. it took a long time to felt-stitch it, but i'm happy to see the result

my ladybug fabric button

well.. it feels soooo good to make something out of my hands. it makes me wanna sing all day.. i'm HAPPY...!!!!

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

elvie, the little elephant

meet my new household member.. elvie, the little elephant. elvie is small, cute and shy.. i made her from grey felt and pink polkadot cotton. i used giotto, special fabric marker, to draw her eye and blush..

do you think her ear is too big?

i pinned her on my bag.. happy crafting girls!

Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

start crafting

hahhhh..it's been a long time since last i made my latest blog. n now i'm ready to show you some things new.. and guess what!.. I MADE THEM MYSELF!!!! hurray...
o yeah.. i've started crafting guys.. i'm really new at it.. so my handmades are still soooo simple n sometimes like a mess. this one is my very first hand-sewn handmade craft

i call it brownie pincushion. i made it from a scrap of brown flowery cotton, brown felt, 1 meter of brown lace.

my second one is this black-eyed-susan-red-purse. cute, isn't it? like the first one, i made it from cotton, flowery as the inner and red polkadot as an outer, white lace, sponge and a little velcro. on the cover i sewn black-eyed susan with white thread

this green one is my daisy pouch. my hand-sewing starts getting better shape. don't you think so? the daisy applique is made from yellow and orange felts. it looks good on the green background

this is the first time i use a zipper. at first i didn't think i could, considering i hand-sewn all my handmades. but i got nothing to lose.. soooo.. here it is.. my raggedy-ann purse. i've made it a simple one with no applique nor embellishment. my daughter, jilan, took it as her favorite, so i gave it to her as a gift
well.. i come to love this sewing thing. it makes me feel wonderful to have some things made by my own hands. i'm still learning.. trying.. and keep sewing to improve its tidiness. if you have critics or suggestions, kindly give a comment below this entry. see u people! keep crafting..!!!!

Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

32rd birthday wishes

ya allah..
today i'm having my 32rd birthday
i know i'm a sinful woman
but i always hope for your blessings
cos i know you're Loving and Forgiving
i know i'm not always grateful for all you've been giving me
but i always hope for more and more
cos i know you're the Giver

i'm just.. me
not as perfect as khadijah.. aisyah or maryam
but help me to be a loving wife for my husband and children
help me to be a devoted daughter for my parents and in-laws
help me to be a kind woman for my friends and neighbors
and gather me with the people whom i love and who love me in your jannah

please give me strength and wisdom..